Well, today I brought my guitar to the store hoping for a truss rod inspection and also a changing of strings to go with it.

Basically this store wasn't one for guitar neck adjustments, so since I was already there and I knew it would be cheap, I had one of the employees there change my strings while I walked around the store.

I didn't notice it until I got home, but it turns out that the High E-string and B-string aren't under the little "buckle" that is on the headstock of my guitar.

Whenever I would replace these strings they'd always be under it.

Now at first I thought, "No big deal, this guy works at a music store and says he plays guitar, so he would know if it's necessary."

Then I started thinking, and I realized that perhaps this will somehow cause my neck to bow upwards at the lower end or something.

Basically I'm wondering if my guitar is now being threatened, or if this isn't really a problem. Also, if anyone knows, what is the name of this "buckle". I've never heard anyone every call it anything before, so... yeah.
Describe the buckle more or label a pic(you don't have to take it, if you want just take a pic from google images and label the buckle.
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i know what you're talking about although i'm not sure what it's called either...but i do know it's probably there for a reason, just loosen up your strings enough that you can push them down and get them under the thing, then tune it back up.
Its called a string guide

Do what this guy says^^^

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The string tree, I believe it's called. I think it's there on guitars if they don't have a sloped headstock. Since the higher strings would be further towards the tip of the headstock, they have less of a slant from the nut. More slant = less chance of it slipping out of the nut and staying in tune.

So yeah, use it; it's there for a reason.

Is that gold thing thats holding the high e and b string above the fender logo?

I don't think anything would happen to your guitar, and if you're paranoid then loosen them and slide them under the "buckle"
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It's there to even the pressure of the string over the nut- it's not essential, and it won't make your neck bend out of shape, but you may as well use it.
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i think i know what you're talking about, it's called a string retainer. Just take it off and put it back on with the strings underneath it. It's to maintain the right string angle over the nut.
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What does it do to your guitar if you don't?

I think you just lose a bit of tuning stability and there is a chance of slippage like Dayn said.

Nothing will happen to your neck though.
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-Jimi Hendrix