i was wonderin wat people thought of the sound quality and performance of the ashdown fallen angel half stack because no guitar store around here has any or will get them in. it just surprised me to see the price and it be all tube and i didnt know if it was basically a gimick.thnks
Fallen Angels are excellent bang for buck.
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o ok thanx because i just didnt know what to think because it was cheap for an all tube half stack
It's very good for the price
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Ashdown > Peavey.

They are excellent amps!

I havent tried the FA60 stack but the combo was real nice.
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I'd probably buy a different cab, though.

EDIT: in fact, I probably wouldn't buy it as the halfstack. either buy the (good value) combo, or put your halfstack money towards a better combo...
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combo is definitely a better deal, and personally, I find it easier to have a combo to transport, than a 4x12 cab. In my case, I always borrow a friend's if we play anything outdoors.