well I liked the guitar playing but vocals need some work I think. At times vocals were pretty good but at times I think you were off, sort of off tune with your playing
vocals are definitely rough round the edges but ur rhythm playing is right on and the solos are pretty well done...
Thanks for the comments guys, I know I'm not a great singer, the guitar is what I really care about. It would really help if I got a pop filter for my mic, so every time I sang P or B there wasn't a mini explosion, haha.
This is a older post but I've been working on a couple of Pink Floyd songs so I thought I'd check it out. Your probably greatly improved on this by now but I thought it was a solid rendition. Both solos sounded good & the rythym has a good tone. The vocals were good in some parts & tenative in others. Your voice is good though. I totally respect how difficult singing is. Overall it's a pretty solid piece of work.