So i read in an la times that RATM will reunite at Coachella this year. I am so stoked for this they are one of my favorite bands and the fact that they are reuniting is absolutely the best news ever.

It would be awesome as hell, but I'm surprised I havent heard of it. What ever happened to Zak's solo album, wasn't it supposted to come out last year?
1. Did you do a search?

2. Did you read the front page of the pit b4 creating a thread?

sorry dude but this thread is already been done...and within the past hour
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Haha, there was a thread allready created about this, and it happens to be right above yours. (Well, at least when I clicked in here it was)
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that would be ****ing bad ass ..... i love rage , and i have never seen them live so this would be bad ass ..... the only thing is i heard their singer flipped out after a tour and moved to south mexico or something
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