I have a line 6 spider II 30 watt amp. If I want to play the first solo of Master of Puppets by metallica, how should I set my amp to get the sound like them? Thanks.
Honestly, youre never going to 'sound like them'...with any amp for that matter. If youre talking about the CD sound that is.

Theres a settings thread and Im sure the same exact question is in there Im sure.

Yeah, it'd be virtually impossible to get the exact sound, even if you spent a couple grand on the exact stuff they have... As Kurt said, try the settings thread; though in general for metal, low mids, and high bass and treble.

I say, just to generalize it.

Scoop the mids, put the treble a tad higher than the bass and you're...sorta set.
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You won't get the exact same sound as them because of many things, not just the amp. Think of the guitar, pickups, mix, etc.
ok...so should I play this solo with Metal Chann or the Insane chann?