Ok so this summer (if i get a job) im ubgrading to a full stack. Right now i have a 412 cab, and i run that thru a behringer gmx 212. I plan on buying a nother 412 cab and some sort of head. This is where you come in, i need to know which head to get. I play a lot of classic rock...Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rush, PINK FLOYD. Some alternative Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against. Mostly stuff like that so i need good cleans and good distortions but im not looking for metal. So far ive had my eyes on...
$550 tops. Suggestions???
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Well id look for a used Marshall JCM800. And you don't need a full stack...
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Well id look for a used Marshall JCM800. And you don't need a full stack...

yeah, the jcm 800 it's a really good option

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If I were you I'd combine the money your were gonna spend on the cab with the money you're gonna spend on the cab and get a better head than you could have before.

You won't need a stack anywhere, unless you play stadiums. And even if you do you will be mic'd, so you won't need a stack. No amp can fill a large venue on its own without killing the first few rows.
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