Alright, I'm at that point where I need to make a decision. I want to buy either a Fender Mexican Strat or an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I've been looking around the gear picture thread and noticed that a lot of people like the Epi LP. What does everyone think. I play almost any kind of music except metal.
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I'm personally partial to the Strat myself. I love the sound, I love the feel, I love the look, I'm a strat kind of guy. LPs are too heavy, but I assume you already know all this. My vote is for the strat either way though.
Weight was an issue. I haven't had any weight problems with my MIA strat. I might go with that but I was really impressed with the comparison between the Epiphone and my Gibson.
My Gear:
• Fender MIA Olympic White Maple Strat
• Gibson Les Paul Studio (Cherry)
• Epiphone 1966 G400 SG (Cherry)
• Fender Twin Reverb
• Marshall JCM800 (coming soon)
You're going to get VERY different tones out of a Strat and a Les Paul...

What it comes down to is really whether you prefer the humbucker or single coil tone.
Unless you get an H-S-S strat, lol.

EDIT: For the most part, a Stratocaster sounds like a Stratocaster and a Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul. The two are pretty much polar opposites.

That's why we buy Custom 22's with coil tapping
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um if you compare them both, objectivly, I find that the epiphone is a better overall instrument but in my personal case I prefer Stratocasters and as such, the stratocaster sound so even though I realaize that the Epiphone is a better overall instrument because I would want a strat sound I'd get the strat.

It all depends on what you want to play.
as much as i love gibsons i would have to go with the strat...the les pauls are far too heavy imo. both guitars have nice tone tho :P
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Wait.. You own an MIA strat and a Gibson Les Paul Studio. Why are you buying an Epiphone or a Mexican Fender?
Chips, that's exactly what I was thinking. Out of the two I'm saying strat all the way (I have one and my bro has the epi lp custom) I LOVE my strat, so very very sexual.

Having said that, why do you want either if you already have a better version of both?

Conclusion: BUY A TELE!
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Maybe he's doing some sort of tour and doesn't want to take his better guitars on the road with him? anything can happen.

It all depends on what sound you are going for because they are 2 VERY different guitars, play them both and see.
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as I always say, get a plain top les paul, so it has no alder
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The Strat is better than an Epi LP in most ways unless you play metal which is why you should get the Strat