I've recently found myself fallen in love with the sound of grunge, but I'm not entirely sure how to pull of that "grungy" sound on my guitar. Any good tips?
feedback, loosely tuned guitars, wierd chords, power chords, and lots of mumbling
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Don't get hung up on technical precision. That was always my big problem when I would try to learn a grunge song. I would try to play it exactly, like someone trying to learn a shred solo, where technique is key. Grunge guitarists have always tended to be very loose in their playing.
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whack on loads of distortion, yank the notes out of your guitar, basically rape your guitar
Are there any tircks to keep in mind? Like, for punk, the whole 4 chord 8 beat thing, or the open e palm mute fills of metal?
listen to nirvana. that will help.

as others before said, distortion and chorus. and no tricks. just play what sounds "grungy".
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generally whats listed above, but fuzz effect is cool too, and grunge is about being sloppy, and breaking the rules abit so dont bother about being to technical, and drop D tuning too which makes power chords a ton easier
In grunge I find it very important to play sloppily, but to also be precise.

I suggest you learn the songs precisely and then make them sloppier - also, grunge has a unique stage presence too.
learn a lot of songs by grunge bands so you get a feel for how their songs are put together and what kinds of chords they use and stuff. also listen to a lot of early grunge bands or the bands that inspired grunge bands (mudhoney, melvins, dinosaur jr, pixies, neil young, etc)
All righty, here's my two cents (or, as I'm UK based, two pence )

Don't learn songs note-for-note, and aim to sort of mess it up, but not majorly.
Lots of distortion, twinned with low mids. But not NO mids.
Drop D can help, although quite a bit of grunge is in standard. (Nirvana used both).
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