I just found out about this guy the other day and I think he is amazing any one else heard of him/ like him??
yeah hes the only australian virtuoso guitarist
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I first heard of him when a collegue (who was my guitar teacher back then) took me to one of his shows.

He's he kind of guy you really have to hear live to fully appreciate him. I don't even like his music that much, but he's just so friggin good. He ALWAYS keeps the groove, and when he plays a lick you often think "aaargh he can't possibly finish this one without messing up" but he ALWAYS lands on the right note at the right time. It's the only time i've been really starstruck... i was introduced to him but i couldn't manage to say more that "beh... nnggg.. errr... durp... nice show" I mean, what else do you say to someone who obviously isn't human?