not a big fan of B.C. Rich guitars but i like the shape and the paint on the WMD Warbeast. not bad...i just think the headstock looks too bulky. PLUS theres a typo in the page....what the **** is a Floyd Rose "trwmolo"??? anyways looks like a decent metal guitar
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Im a avid B.C. Rich fan, i love thier older models from the eairly 80's.. Iv bought a solid black B.C. Rich platinum strat style body brand new back in 84, and iv been rockin on it ever since. But iv never really cared for the crazy body style models, I think they look pretty cool, but they just arent my style.. Although the Warbeast definatly has a menacing look too it, if you wanted to make sure everyone knew you where metal, that guitar would most likly convince them, lol.. I dont have any real experience with current B.C. Rich guitars, as once the company got sold to a jap manufacturer back in the eairly to mid 90's, iv heard there quality is lacking, not like the amazing ones from the 80's, so im lucky to have one of the old school top quality originals.. Although thier custom models are from what i hear very top quality, but also very expensive..
I like the Virgo Shape best out of all the bc rich but this is nicer then both the Warlock and Beast but im not much of a BC Rich fan
Looks really nice, and specs aren't half bad either. I'd love to try that one out.
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only thing bc rich can do right is the look imo
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It's got an OFR, and Rockfield pickups which are famed as not-so-bad actually. I'm not too knowledgeable on nato wood, do some research on it, ask some questions to the luthiers in here.
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Hardly any artists uses B.C. rich anymore... :P They should put Seymour or EMG's on them as astock. Also change the wood. Would make it a much better guitar.
well the pickups dont seem too bad and its supposed to be an OFR, but once again in their desperation to secure the omfgmetallll!!!!111!!! crowd they've created one of the ugliest guitars ever made
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I think it looks alright. My fav shape is the standard Warlock, though.

And watch out for the Bandwagon Effect(TM). By making a BC rich topic, you've condemned yourself to 100 replies of "omg bc rich sux lolol".
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It's got an OFR, and Rockfield pickups which are famed as not-so-bad actually.

haha 'famed as not-so-bad'.....interesting...
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It looks the exact same and has teh same specs
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and the shape is different.

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Im really liking the new BC RIches. ANd I like the Warbeast, although its not something I would play. I prefer the Mockingbird, and I really like the new higher end ones.

Im happy BC Rich are moving away from the 12-year old "OMFG i am teh metal!!!!!!!!!!!11111" posers, and are moving towards more quality guitars.

Nato is similar to Mahogany in its charecteristics (hence the name Eastern Mahogany), but is cheaper.
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after seeing and playing some of the newer BD Rich Guitars i must say m greatly impressed. Theyve really started making quality axes again that are available to the mass market.
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