i's knows she ents gots no chorus yet... not really sure where to break it up- hate to ruin the melody. might jes be one'o them two minute jobs ya hear after lettin' the last song on the cd play for like twenny minutes...

the battle

he sets down...sets down
reaching for a last breath
she comes in...comes in
blanketing his death
he gives way...gives way
rays receding for her
she spreads herself...spreads herself
trying to cover
he’s purple and reds...purple and reds
just fading light
she opens her wings...opens her wings
and sings of night
he dreams of dawn...dreams of dawn
when he’ll ride the sky
she covers his eyes...covers his eyes
as the world spins by
he smiles underneath...smiles underneath
he’s about to begin
her moon overhead...moon overhead
reflecting his grin
he reaches up...reaches up
and burns her stars
she becomes thin...becomes thin
and torn apart
he begins to shine...begins to shine
bright fury above
and she turns away...turns away
another battle lost to her love
Remember when we were in Africa? -Jim Morrison