Was wondering if there was anything i could use to speed up and stain the fretboard like the models of the stratocasters in the 1950's? Heres an example:

From Eric's recently retro'd Blackie

I have a 2006 MIA stratocaster. i believe fender used a satin polyurethane as a finish for the neck (according to the website) and this type of finish wont stain easily and/or will take a long time to do naturally.

instead of playing this bad boy for another 20 years, what kind of aging techniques and materials would you use to achieve this appearance?
Maybe try rubbing a pencil over the strings. And if it works just spray a light coat of lacquer over the top
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You could just buy a vintage finished neck and bolt it on.
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Just move it around the fretboard
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Maple wears naturally like that, shame you have to play it every day for 20 years.
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I would suggest sanding down the finish, rub charcoal or dirt or graphite or whatever, or alternate, try different things, then, when it gets dirty like you want it, laquer it up.
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I can help I suggest selling your guitar and buying and older one with the maple already worn. Or you could buy a new neck. Light speed transactions going to be alot quicker than dipping it in coffee there mate.
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get soem steel wool while hte srings are still on sand in the areas you normally tend to play Once you get off enough finish off in those areas then you shoudl be able to play it like hell, and start to get a bit of that wear. If it looks uneven or unnatural toyou then try sanding a bit more until the wear kinda is more focused in the center of hte frets and not the metal parts and such. And maybe even try rubbing some dirt in the wood after you sand it.