Right so I have a song that in D minor. But in parts of it an Eb is played....so that would be Phrygian or Phrygian Dominant also?

The chords played are Dm, Fm, Am, and then powerchords in Eb, D, C, Bb.

Any idea what key and scale this is? It's not that important, I can sort it out by ear, but just to know.

Can you change scale in a song?
Hmm, assuming that the chords and powerchords part are separate.

Dm=D F A
Fm=F Ab C
Am= A C E

If you write those out nicely A C D E F G#(Ab!) you have the A harmonic minor scale.

The powerchord part:
Eb5: Eb Bb
D: D A
C: C G
Bb: Bb F

A Bb C D Eb F G

Two flats: Key of Bb.
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Countless songs change keys, it's actually a very common occurence.
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