I was thinking we can build a libary of links to scales.

I personally need to find the following scales and you guys are the wealth of all guitar knoldege

Lets see if we can get these scales ( some are for me some we should just have)

C major scale
Gmajor pentatonic
A natural minor
E blues scale
G major
B pentatonic minor
A natural minor
A blues scale
G blues scale
2 octave major scale
2 octave pentatonic majpr and minor scales
2 octave blues scale
2 octave natural minor scale
http://www.looknohands.com/chordhouse/guitar/index_rb.html check this site out man it has really helped me. Shows your intervals and more scales then you could even think of and probably many you have never herd of, shows you by numbers and notes you choose,oh and in any key. Also if you want a chord library go to the beginner section I don't use it because I have books for that so I cant tell you how it is but I bet its just as good. Hope this helps you.