How high (or low) do you wear your guitar?

Personally, I have my guitar at about belly button height (the center of it).
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Mine is slightly lower than that, but my acoustic goes pretty high.
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I wear my gear pretty damn high, especially my acoustics.
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It looks kinda weird with your guitar high-up, although it is a lot easier (that's probably because I play sitting down a lot). Playing low look badass, but it's damn awkward.
My newbie stuff:

Ashton Acoustic (forgot model :P)
Squier Stratocaster
Fender Frontman 15R


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i hav it so that the top of my guitar is below my belt buckle

its sounds low but its not really after a while
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i have my the top of my strats body just under where my **** is =]
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i wear mine fairly high coz i have a buggered wrist
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At about stomach level. I need the control for jazz and shreddier rock. I really don't care at all how stupid it looks. Usefulness > Looks
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that low. cause its badass!!

alhough my playing sucks...

at least i look cool.

You know they rock.
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about right at my waist, not to too high or too low.
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sometimes above the waist, sometimes below, and sometimes in the middle....really depends on the mood im in
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I hang the middle of the guitar at the belt buckle, i can do pretty much anything.... onyl thing got trouble is shredding arround the 22 frets...
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Around the belly, a bit higher. Pretty much like Hendrix, so I can get the thumb in there and play it comfortably enough.
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It depends on how well i can reach the controls and how easily i can do awkward stretches without killing my wrist (try playing the typical rock 'n' roll riff with the strings lower than your belt without tilting the neck). Generally the thicker the guitars body the higher i wear it.
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