Haven't posted anything on here for a good year or so.

I got a Line6 Toneport and thought i'd record a crappy little pop punk song with it. No vocals but i played the melody line in the chorus on my guitar. Also i just decided to but a bit of sweep picking in the song because i felt like it!

The structure of the song is a bit retarded, the ending is me not being arsed about it anymore! just wanted to get something recorded with my new hardware and put it out there!


"New Pop Punk" (imaginative i know)

I'll C4C wherever possible just leave a link with your crit

that was freaking awesome i loved the lead in that and the solo part was really good then around the end like 2.22 was like the best part with the drums the main riff was pretty cool to good job

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link is in his sig. missed out the D in dmusic!

anyway song sounds great! love the upbeat(yness?)

Not a pop punk fan, but I enjoyed the song. The lead work on the song was good, for a pop punk song of course.
My only con about it was I thought there was a bit too much reverb on the lead guitar at points. Other than that, quality stuff.

Crit mine?
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