Your band is playing a gig...

What do you demand in your band raider?

My imaginary band rider:

  • Lots of beer
  • A cold egg served in a cold kitchen by a depressed emo
  • One tire from a zebra-colored Ford Fiesta
  • Enough cookies for the whole band
Mine would probably be:

1. 12 crates of European Beer. (Carlsberg, 1664, Carling (actually, scrap Carling, it tastes like watered down piss and is a chavs beer))
2. 10 giant slabs of Dairy Milk chocolate.
3. Comdoms (give them out to members of the crowd so they can blow them up and pass them over the head...like beachballs!
4. Bottles of water. Lots of them
5. A Footspa (i like to play gigs bare-footed, so after a gig, my feet ache)
6. A massager (for my stiff neck after all the headbanging)