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at your local church hall's before progressing or is just the one church hall enough?

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Umm... I don't understand tha question. What do you mean by "progressing?" And what do you mean by "is just the one church hall enough?"
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I don't understand the question either...but there's no real negative side to playing with a local church or something similar. You'll get exposed to other musicians who may have differnet tastes and playing styles, and will probably meet some excellent players who would be willing to give you a few tips if you're in a tight spot.

I don't think it's nessecary to join a church band before 'progressing' but it can't help. Playing with other people in general should increase you're ability to play and broaden your musical tastes.
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my old goth bands first gig was in a church hall lol
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It's best to play as much as you can, to gain experience and publicity.
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