I'm Thinking of getting a dean from hell but theres alot of mixed messages about the quality of Dean guitars, and that there not really worth the money so if anyone who owns one played or does really know what there talking about can help it would be great

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Export deans aren't always the best...

But American Deans are amazing. Some (ok, a lot) of them are expensive, but you really get what you pay for. Absolutely spiffing.

EDIT: however, looking at your gear, I suggest you get a new amp first. Your guitars are alright, but a new amp would really help.
not sure about a new amp havent thought that much about it and i dont know much about them i play a lot of metal if you havent already guessed, any you'd care to recomend though
meh, their guitars are sub par for the prices they ask for them.

i havnt played any low end guitars from them, mainly the high end imports and some USA models (the ones here http://www.wildwestguitars.com/dhome.htm, plus some more at other stores) and all that i played were not that great. they had some nice features that could be improved on, but for the price, you are mainly paying for the look, and the name.

a few months ago, i did a breakdown on a USA razorback, you are paying about 700 dollars for the paintjob and name, something that dosent make th guitar sound any better. just something to think about.

so overall, no, you can get a better value somewhere else. however, i'd get a new amp, it will make your rr3 sound alot better
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i got this guitar a couple of months ago and it is really good i would definatly recomend it

did i scare you???
i have a old ass dean bass and it sounds beefy and clean. deans are right behind the top brands i think(im my opinion)
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I don't think they're worth the money.
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