Ello, Half way through Febuary Im going to a holiday house at the beach for 3 months . I wont have the internet tho i will have my comp with me, And Guitars Of course. So in this time id love to learn to read music / theory and all that stuff .
I also just recently picked up a Classical guitar and would like some books to download or info i can copy paste lessons etc etc For classical and theory, Stuff i wont need the net for.

Any recommendations or links would be very helpfull. Ty.
ibreathemusic.com. i love that site, don't know if you heard bout it yet though
^^ hey thanks for mentioning that site ive never visited the site before but judging from the main page looks very helpful..
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voodoo child - jimi hendrix (good song by a crap guitarist)
nothing else matters - metalica (closest they'll ever come to true metal)
can't stop - rhcp (john is not god)
fix you - coldplay (the shredding is top)