I was involved in the biggest snowball fight i had ever been in last night in the parking lot of my dorm. there was about 40 people just chucking snowballs. snow down pants and shirts, and any other place imaginable. lets hear some stories about your favorite snowball fights
I remember in grade 9 out in the smoking section at school about 80 people got suspended for throwing snowballs.
Our church went to skiing trip and there was another church right next to our lodge and it was our last day so I guess someone from our church threw a snowball at them and it just blew up from there it was like a 200 people snowball fight and our church made a snowman and so did they, so both of us where trying to knock each others down and we knocked theres first it was the funniest thing ever.
heh... so yesterday we were watchin da bears game and my friend Casey said that if the Bears win then he will go snow streaking.... so when they won he shed his clothes and went for a run and when he came back me and a buncha other people had a whole pile of snowballs waiting for him and we pummeled him for like 5 or 6 minutes with snowballs.

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