Hey my friend and I recorded a cover of Asthenia by Blink 182. I did all the guitar work and he did the vocals. It was his first time singing, he usually plays bass, so if you dont think they were that great cut him slack. Also let me know what we need to improve on etc. As always Crit for Crit. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: forgot the link....

Defend Your Dreams
when u said they might not be that good, it didnt quite prepare me for what was about to come :-| other than that it was good. perhaps a bit too heavy on the effects in some places?
It was good. The singing wasnt great, but you explained that and i agree with the dude above, at some places the phaser effect was pretty strong and masking the guitar a little bit, other than that tho' - nice job!
Nice job, I didnt think the vocals were that bad, I have deffinetly heard worse but just tell him to keep trying. The guitar was pretty good and like the people above me said, just a little too much phaser but nice job, very well put together.
Guitars sounded tight, quite a nice sound quality and nice use of effects. I didn't like that bit at around 2:00 though. The vocals weren't the best like you said, a bit out of tune in places but with some work they could be quite good. A few little timing issues in places and some parts were a bit abrupt. I enjoyed it though, nice one!