What settings do you guys use on your clean channel when using a processor? I'm playing a Boss GT-8 through a Randall RG100G2, which is a solid-state combo amp.
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I've got a Traynor YCV40 with a Boss ME-50 and I typically use the following settings on my amp when I'm trying to achieve a metal tone:

Bass - 8
Mids - 2
Treble - 5

And that's along with my ME-50, using these settings:

Distortion - MT-2
Drive - Around 7
Bottom - Around 9
Tone - Maxed

For my specific setup, it gives me a really good tone. Very tight and crisp with a lot of punchy lows and subtle highs. I tend to add just enough treble to get some noticeable definition.
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I also have a Boss-GT8 and for the clean sound if got:

Typ: BG Rhythm
Gain: 80
Bass: 85
Mid: 50
Trebble: 70
Precense: 40
Level: 80

I use the CTL switch to put it in manual mode so I can swith distortion and delay on/off
You'd probably do best to just set everything at 5 and then control the sound using the GT8's EQ section.
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