Now, I am starting to get decent at it. I have four string sweeps down pretty fast, but I am having trouble getting into diffrent positions, aside from just like exersice positions, like...


How can I improve on this?

I dont think it was really clear was I am getting at. I mean stuff like that is easy for me, but I am having trouble getting more complex positions down like...

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use a metronome, and play at a speed until you get good, then sweep at a slightly faster pace, and so on and so forth.
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yeh i agree, use a metronome, and set it at a certain speed that you can play a certai sweeping pattern perfect at, then increase the speed gradually til you can sweep it as fast as you feel you need to
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I agree with the others. Practice makes perfect!
Oh, and is that second example from an Avenged Sevenfold son? It looks familiar...
(N.B: the only reason I think this is because Total Guitar tabbed it a while back, and I learnt it, but I even learn the Green Day in there, so...)
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use bar chord positions its a good next step after the three and four string technics you already have under your belt.

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