Hello everybody,

I have another cover for you. Once again the quality of recording could be better.

I've tried to do the vocals as well, but this song is a little low for my voice range, so it might be a bit off.


If you all could point me out to mistakes/improvements/ any general crit, it'd be appreciated. I've been trying to nail this since I started playing lol and I'm still not quite there.

If you have anything you would like me to listen, please link me and I will for sure.

Thanks guys

few lyrical mistakes 'i come on her streets' vs 'i travel her streets'. One or two guitar slip ups but nothing major, good job dude.
School children washing cars for charity, is there anything more arousing?
I come on her streets? Sounds like a 2-bit porno

I can't find me saying that lol :s

I used http://www.lyricsondemand.com/r/redhotchilipepperslyrics/underthebridgelyrics.html

Thanks for the crit dude. Anything I can improve on?

You got anything for me to listen to?

hmmm i was wrong too, 'drive' not 'travel'...maybe i just misheard, sounded like come tho. Nah i got nothing, i can't sing worth shit and i don't have any recording programs soooooooooo ya..thanks for the offer tho.
School children washing cars for charity, is there anything more arousing?
it more the less suprised me that your intro was pretty weak... but the verses were done quite perfect (guitarwork).
gentle voice, maybe not fitting the song too much but still pretty good.
i think there's some potential in your playing. it would sound 10x better with better hardware. idk if its the tab you used or not, but the c#m chord is wrong, it sounds like its on the same bar but the wrong chord, i would double check it.
i really like it. I havent attempted this but its seems really hard to play and sing at the same time. like your voice, you've got good pitch. This would sound 100 times better if you had some good equipment.

Can you take a look at my cover of 'heartbeats'... just click on my sig. cheers!

The into suffered but nothing that some practicing can't fix. The singing was really easy to listen to good job on that. It doesnt sound like the orignal but i like how it sounds like you have your own twist on it. The guitar work everything but the intro was quality. Crit my under the bridge in my sig?
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Sorry for the delay in critting; just been really busy. Thanks for crit guys

I was going to pm the crit, however it wouldn't let me for some reason.
Hey, thanks for the crit ask_withnail.

I really like the guitarwork.

You have a really nice voice dude.

I've not heard the original so can't compare, but on it's own merits - really cool

Btw I really like the acoustics on from the morning too.

Good job bro



Hi, thanks for the crit Manic Subsidul.

Much better than my version dude for the guitar. Intro has come up really quite nice.

I really like the extra lead put on top! Could do with some vocals though

Good job dude



anOnyMouSanIe - I've posted in your thread

Thanks everybody

BTW If I've forgotten anybody, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to give it a listen
link won't work for me. I will try again later
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Intros fairly weak, timings a little out also and im not sure it suits your voice, it doesnt sound particularly well practised, more like you've just got the tab and you're running through a preliminary practise.
I would advise thickening up the recording, practising it a bit more, on the pauses-if you really dont want to add anything to them melody wise-i would advise adding muted strokes to add to the rythmn. The good thing is-theres hope! Its not drastically awful, it doesnt make me want to tell you to put down the guitar and step away from the mic, it just makes me want to tell you to practise a bit more.

Crit for crit eh? Sexual healing cover should still be on the first page.
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i think there is a wrong chord in the verse, I believe it to be the C#m chord, if i remember correctl. Id double check the tabs, or watch frusciante play it. the intro could be shored up a little

also were you singing and playing at the same time? if so, i give you double kudos.
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yes you are indeed a half note higher..
but other than that it was a good cover, nice voice

crit my shyt?
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good vocals, my friend. Nive playing. Maybe work on the intro a bit, but overall, nice job.
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Very nice vocals, the intro was a bit sketchy, but other than that it was a pretty good cover. Good work. I would crit more of your stuff but the songs aren't really my taste so i can't crit them very well.
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first of all, thanks for critting mines man

really nice vocals, were really enjoyable to listen to i found. there is a wrong chord in there somewhere, but aside from that your playing was really good - maybe needing a bit of work in just one or two places.

this would be better with better hardware, but i can hardly blame you for that so overall, a very nice cover indeed!
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