SHOWERED! I have you guys beat I think
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I've only known one man to use such a gun, and I believe I've killed him two times
Opened up a photobucket account. What was I thinking?
Psycho Killer,
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Fa fa fa faa fa fa fa fa-fa faa

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Pie is like bread, but just with more pie in it
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SHOWERED! I have you guys beat I think
Already said that.
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I was born while I was naked.

My parents were all liek WHOA!

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Compared penis sizes with various members of UG.
Mine was still bigger.
answered the front door. well half naked, but my penis was sticking out through a hole in my boxers. needless to say the postman was shocked. what was scary was he just smilied. the slow look down is terrible though. i have a disturbing amount of similar occurances.
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the craziest thing i did was i humiliated a giant in high school in english class and got beat up afterwards

How the hell do you humiliate someone else while being naked during english class