My brothers old drum teacher, Ric Lee, was in a band called Ten Tears After, back in the 60s/70s. They are supposedly quite well known? Anyone know of them?
yea, they're good.
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Wow, your bro got lucky. They rock. Great british blues/rock band. Check out I'd Love to Change the World if you're looking to get into them.

It's also terrible that theyre not well known enough and their drummer still has to give lessons.....
Originally Posted By TheHeartbreaker

HOLY ****ING GOD, are you joking?

I love Ten Years After, and Ric Lee is your brother's drum teacher?!

Holy shit, I'm about to faint.

Well used to be.

And for some random trvia - Ric Lee is quite fond of Egg and Cress Sandwiches
"Ten Years After, anybody heard of them"

I haven't heard of them, i'm such a noob.

I'll check out i'd love to change the world though, they sound great.
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actually it's "they're" lol

Heartbreaker sent me an album, but I never got around to listening to it, considering I'm too lazy to convert from m4a to a listenable format.

Speaking of which, if master would get on AIM sometime in the next year or so, I'd be very happy
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actually it's "they're" lol


That's what I had originally, but for some reason it had it lower-cased, so when I went back to change it I put "their".

Thanks for pointing it out, though.
HOLY S***.
possible the band that stole the show at Woodstock. bloody Amazing band!!
I've only heard I'd Love to Change the World, but I would love to hear more. I can't believe that he's teaching drum lessons nowdays... they're such a good band.
I heard that guitar player on a live album my dad had, and all I can say is Holy Shit. He's good, and the entire rhythm section is just so equally incredible. I can not believe that he was your drum teacher.
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Alvin Lee is easily one of the best guitarists of his time, with my sole complaint going towards the tedious stlye that can be seen in his solos (though I love them anyways).

Ric Lee is a great drummer, and Leo Lyons... incredible bassist (plus we share the same birthday). Chick Churchill is also a great organist.

Overall, I feel as though the band is overlooked; especially all but Alvin (though he is heavily overlooked as well).
You've got to be freaking kidding me. Your bro is being taught by a guy who played at Woodstock? That is amazing. Tell your bro to tell him to sign up on UG so we can tell him how awsome Ten Years After is.
Most people who know about Ten Years After know them for their Woodstock show, but most people have only seen I'm Going Home, which is where I feel that Ric is heavily overlooked as being untalented, because of the extreme simplicity of his beat in that song (basically he only hits the snare).