I'm really looking into this guitar now that Dave has left ESP, the price will most likely drop on this guitar. Can anyone tell me (if you know anything) what modifications they've done to it, and what the price will be approx.?

All I see is that they've dropped the 8 Ball inlay on the first fret, and it no longer has his name on it.

Those are the only differences I see.

It'll probably be on par with the other 500 series in terms of price. So 600-650 USD. Maybe less.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
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the ltd V-500 is 95% like some othr guitars in ESPguitars.com ( AX-400 , F-500 , viper-500 ) so its retail price should be about 1000 $ ...1100$ as a Maximum...althought i dont think it would exceed 1000$ since as u said DAve mustain left ESP...so good luck..although i've tried v shapes and they are not comfy to play while sitting...afterall....it depends on u
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Really? Well, that's good, that inlay was gay anyhow. Well, that's great! Does anyone else know about the DV8?