Some dude plays something meant for another instrument which is great idea and very adirmable. He played it prefectly so why id he getting flames by losers?Classical musicians gett praised for trancribing peices from one instrument to another even it is impractical. Bach's Cello suites on double bass anyone?
Here are some quotes that make me sick. Any one else disgusted by these comments?

You Stupid **** Cliff Used A Bass Not A Guitar And Your Way Off Tune U ****ing Moron!!!! U Suck Hairy Man Balls!!!
You disgrace Metallica and Cliff's Pulling Teeth? I hope you burn in Hell.
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This sucks...you need a BASS for a BASS SONG, dipshit.
That bastard..tell him to go kill himself.
good call you butchered the **** out of that
that was shit u could suck so bad and play it on bass and it would sound ok. u should play it the way it was ment to be played
I agree. ****ING DISGREACE FULL BASTERD LITTLE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He was playing a Metallica song...?

I'd have flamed him for fun.
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It's a good idea, but that was just shitty playing.

Some things need to stay tot heir original instrument, the only reason anesthesia is cool is because it's bass.
Well its not very well played.

Who cares it youtube and the internet you should know by now that people can be mean, and if this makes you sick you havnt seen anything
he learned a song, so? i don't get it.
his sound sucks balls, so?
what to do, what to do, well?..

try turning the volume down then
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Learn it on bass, or something cool like a flute or something, its not that hard changing from bass to guitar
Because it is a legend of a bass solo but for a guitar solo it really isn't that amazing.
The kid didnt have to put the video on the internet. He shouldve expected flamming, even if he played it good, which he didnt.