ok so im using sm 57 -> female to male xlr cable -> 1/4 " adaptor -> 1/8" adaptor into my pc microphone port.

And theres no signal.

Can people point out where ive gone wrong here ? cheers

you're using stereo adapters on the last two when then should be mono!


Actually **** that, it should work anyway...
Go Start, All programs, accessories, entertainment, volume control, options, properties, and where it syas mixer device look for the mic port etc.

When you found that check the mic is selected and the voume is up to half-wayish.

Try this method first then consider mono jacks.
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Made no difference, other mics work

what do the mono adapters look like?
Won't make a difference if it's stereo or mono. A 57 needs a lot of gain for most applications I've found. Also most onboard PC preamps are pretty garbage, so that could have something to do with it.
There is no signal whatsoever with the sm-57 pressed up against a cranked 40-watt tube amp
The SM57 is not designed to work directly with a PC sound card, you need an interface box with a good mic pre-amp. You can of course verify you mic is working by plugging it into your AMP channel.

Your PC expects a stereo source, and preferably at line level (USB or firewire) from an interface box. The PC MIC pre-amp is trash, you might as well yell in garbage can.
I expected that , however there should be some kind of recordings at least I thought. What do you mean by plugging it into the amp channel ?