why not make your own . thats what i would do if i could get a plank. i enjoy building stuff...and the more its made myself, the more special it is.

now the helpful bit: perhaps a low end jackson, which you just booze up?
me too. i'm going to make a v based on king v/double rr/ esp dv8 using that neck and i also need to know the size of the body to make sure that stewmac body blanks are enough big to make the body. Are you going to make it using stewmac body blanks? I made some measures and i think that they are not enough to make the body but i'm not sure.
well, V's are'nt that hard to draw at all, and no one will notice if it's not EXACTLY a rhoads V. Im doing a Rhoads V too and i'll just draw the shape of the body free hand on the wood. Or if you really need a template, you could just draw the outline of someone else's V if possible
Flyingsquirrel^ Jackkson vs's are not that simple. In fact their inner line( can't explain better) is not straight at all. If you do the inner line completly straight look what happen: http://www.his.com/~sha3u/carpentry/V/photos/photo_9.html

V's are not dificult to draw but you must know each detail if you want your v to look good. Its very important to do the inner lines a bit curved and you also need to know the angles and the dimensions. I've been looking at pictures of king v's and making the measures on real life scale but its not very acurate so thats why i want some measures.
^ Just don't route the trem cavity.
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