Hey I'm a bass player from Whitby, if you want to jam sometime to see if you like my style send me a message. Oh I'm a 20 year old student if you need to know.
Ugh, I have some terribly mixed stuff from a while back. These are more to proove that I do play bass than here's what I can do. I'll have to go pick up another 1/4" to 1/8" adapter from radioshack today to record some stuff.


(Turn your bass all the way up if you want to hear me)
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Alright recorded one tonight, took me a while to figure out how to get some sort of basic drum beats up. I would work on an intro/outro to this if I had more time. I'll probably do another tomorrow since it actually was quite fun doing.


Edit: Oh also there's not a lot of lows because I'm recording DI and there's lots of clipping so I couldn't use my E string at all.
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Great! When can you play? Sorry for late reply been very busy last few days.
I can usually always play mon, tues, weds after 5, thurs and fri after 7 and basically everytime. I'll just need a few days notice so I can tell my boss that I won't be coming in to work. I check my email more regularly than this form, scottmaceachern@gmail.com is my address.