Hey people, Ive been playing guitar off and on for a while now and ive started to get back into and ive gone for a heavier tunning which is D G C F A D. I cant really find any good powertabs to learn so decent stuff and im into metal so suggestions would be grateful
Sad But True-Metallica only drop D song i know! lol
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Thanks for that, especially thanks to you bad larry cuz i didnt know that song was tabbed in that tuning and metallica are mint!
I'm trying to learn Layla, by Eric Clapton.... its not going well, then again i have only been playing a couple of weeks, one day on my new electric guitar!

Any tips on helping me to learn this? It doesn't sound right when i play it. This is the one i'm learning from... i can play the first section just it doesn't sound right, and what are the 0's in brackets for???


O yeah... thread hijacked haha ( i just figured it was a beginner sort of thread so hey! )

Sorry for the Newb questions!
Das Modell by rammstein, the riff is great
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