I've been learning to play for about 7 months, now, and want to get new strings. I play mostly classic rock, so what strings should I get (med, light, xtra light) and how much should I pay for a set?

Thanks in advance.
strings are pretty much ALL personal preference.. try some and see, however if your going into lots of down tunings (such as Eb, and Drop D) dont get light gauge
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I personally prefer the light gauge DR High Beams. I get them for about $22 at this music store.

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I would probably go for medium-light strings, which are .45 - .105. Those are the sweet spot, IMO. .50 - .105 ain't bad either but for a new bassist you'd probably want lighter strings. I think .40 - .100 are too light though.
i use the heaviest i can find.

ernie ball all the way.
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I used to use GHS, but I switched to Ernie Ball due to availability of 5-string sets. The Ernie Balls last much longer, but I kinda liked the GHS tone more.

For classic rock, I would go with straight medium gauge (maybe medium heavy, depending on the tunings). Brand is entirely up to preference, so I would just pick a brand and try it.
I personally think for Modern music, Stainless Steel strings are a must. Rotosound and D'Addario make the best Stainless Steel strings around.
I just switched to Rotosound Jazz Bass .45-.105 and I'm never going back. Before them I used D'Addario Chromes, and before I sold my soul to flatwounds I used Ernie Ball Hybrids .45-.110 because I used to tune DADG a lot. When I FIRST started out on bass I only used GHS Boomers.
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Rotosound 45-105 gauge are what I swear by.
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I just got a set of Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys for the Ibanez. I would recommend them highly. Nice bright sound.