Is anyone planning on going to see Rage Against The Machine when they play the Coachella festival in L.A. in April?
I would personally love to go, me and a friend might be driving out there, we gotta gather up some cash. And if you didnt hear about it, its on the ultimate guitar home page. Oh yeah, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be there too.

Just want to share my excitement. Anyone going?
Yes, and I live in the UK.
I've always said that if RATM re-unite and do a one-off gig I'd pay any amount of money to be there. So they're doing their one-off gig, and I'm stumping up the cash to fly all the way there, enjoy the festival and get back
I just found out that there rumours that they could tour. I guess Zach and the other three are on good terms now, and maybe the show will ignite a spark or something. And smashing pumpkins might be there, just a rumour tho.
if it was a month either way, id be there no doubt. but where it is, i don't think i can, and it kills me inside. i want to see them so badly. If they did a reunion full then gods be praised. But i don't know how it'd work with Audioslave/Cornell, it's like getting a new girlfriend and your ex turning up again wanting you back.
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