Im looking to buy a wah pedal but i'm not sure on which one to buy...so im looking for your views.

I originally was looking at the Morley Power Wah PWO

Morley - PWO - Power Wah

but after looking at some reviews on Harmony Central i was put off....some people were saying that at high volumes the pedal was very noisy and that there was no wah effect passed the 12th fret....however there were alot of good reviews aswell saying that the sound was fantastic.

So earlier today i thought i'd look at some Dunlop Crybaby's on ebay and there are a couple of the GCB95 models. My dad who used to play in a band years ago said to me that Morley's used to be 'the dogs bollocks' and were like 200 quid or something and doesn't know why they are so cheap now....he had a dunlop and said that it was really good.

So what should i do...go with the Morley Power Wah or Dunlop GCB95?
Or is there any other pedals which are around 50-60 quid range that are just as good....

One more thing......check this out

Spectresound Morley Power Wah

That says it's a switchless design but the other one doesn't.....can anyone clarify which is correct?

well you could go for a better dunlop, like a 535Q. if you would like to learn how to mod pedals, then a GCB95 would be alright because you could mod it easily to sound better. or, you couls try out some voxes. it all comes down to personal taste, so try them all out and see for yourself.

- Faisal
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power wah is switchless, power wah/volume has a switch for switching it between wah and volume.

and the PWO, by the way.
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