Greetings Pit Populous,

Tomorrow I'm getting my wisdom teeth out, and I'm going to be on quite the assortment of pain meds! Therefore, I'm creating an iTunes playlist encompassing all of my jam bands, psychadelic bands, phase bands, etc.

I've come to you, Pitonian, for suggestions as to songs that need to be on there. Something to enhance the experience, you might say.

And I've already got about every Pink Floyd song, so no need to suggest them.

Hendrix and Cream. Maybe some Zeppelin, and yes deffinetly Pink Floyd.
get some Gong, quite the experience when listening to it sober or not.
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bust out some rush and doors
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pink floyd - dogs
king crimson - 21st century skizoid man
grateful dead - dark star (something live from the late 60s)

that's about an hour's worth of a trip (get a good long, live version of dark star, July 7, 1969 is a great one!)
CAN'T FORGET JEFFERSON AIRPLANE! And definitely go with some Parliament/Funkadelic. That combination will keep you tripping for hours after the medicine wears off.
Try some Funkadelic and Sly & the Family Stone.
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I've listened to sigur rose and they were trippy songs I think.

Pink Floyd, you have my utter respect for that selection, Shine On You Crazy Diamond - All Parts, put it on surround sound and your not gonna be sleeping for about a week.
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I can suggest 2 songs

Starberry Fields Forever

A Day In the Life (you cant miss this one)

both by The Beatles
Heroin by the Velvet Underground will go great with all the pain medication.

also stuff by the 13th floor elevators is good.
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some king crimson would be good

21st century schitzoid man and Level 5 definatly
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do you have alans psychadelic breakfast by Pink Floyd? or careful with that axe eugene also by them.
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the end - doors

add that one to your list it owns if your high with a good stereo