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I'm going to uni for the experience
4 13%
I'm going to uni for a degree/job prospects/future
8 26%
Both equal
15 48%
I don't know
4 13%
Voters: 31.
Ok, in keeping with my current obsession with something thats well over half a year away, i was reading an article about employment rates, and thought about this...

Those of you who are going to uni:Are you going to get a degree and get a job, or are you going for the experience?

And i know they aren't mutually exclusive, im meaning what is your primary incentive? the fact that you can spend 3/4 years how you like, or the fact that when its all done, you'll have a degree?

personally, for me it's the Social aspect; im intending to use it as a fresh start now im more confident with people, going to get to know loads more people, get to live on my own, take control of my life etc etc. Just curious as to others' perceptions.

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well i want a job as a teacher (boo I know) so i don't actually have to go to uni to get that job - im going cos if you have a degree you can make more money straight off, and also for the expereince of having to fully look after myself for short periods. So I spose thats a both for me.
Alex, you missed one.

Im at university as a back up just incase I dont make it successful. **** usin my degree for a job when I graduate.
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its not just that i can spend the 4 years doing whatever i want (although that is rather appealing) but also its (supposed to be) a life changing experience and the social skills and independance you learn sets you up for what you do in the future.

That said, i fully expect that i will spend the vast majority of that time so drunk that not only will i forget the skills im learning but also a lot of the older ones - like walking for example.

But in all seriousness i think i have to fully agree with toolbass_dude im looking forward to meeting new people and gaining confidence and independance.
I'm getting a degree so that I can continue to keep my high standard of living. Hopefully that is. As bad as it sounds I couldnt handle being without oppurnities to travel, and pursue my interests like playing guitar and trying to get into the next super band or whatever the trend goes too...

Also its a stepping stone in my life so that I can learn all the things that interest me outside of music.
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im more interested in going to get a degree, but i dont have a problem with enjoying the experience.
I went to university to get the degree, I moved away from home for the experience. Both were things I would have done on their own.
I actually go to University.

I wanted to go to get a degree, but there's so much work it's unbelievable, and I just want to escape. I keep going because I love the atmosphere, it's brilliant! However, the work is terrible, and all I can be bothered to do is just get a pass.
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"The experience" alone isn't worth $30000.
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After college (I'm 16 and in my first year) i'm planning to join the Territorial Army for 2 year and work Full or Part-time. Then at 20 i'm going University to do a HND in Media. I want to do Photography and Filming for the TA.
Bit of both. Probably more for the degree. The experience wouldn't be worth £30,000.
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im not wasting 100,00 on experience
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I didn't go to University despite the fact that almost my whole family hold degrees and I could have had I wanted to. If I do go it will be for the experience.

I've worked for 8 years as a software engineer and in that time I've made many friends with CS degrees. Many of them are now unemployed. Meanwhile I'm supporting my family running my own business and I'm making enough that I don't really have any financial incentive to go to University. I don't need to find work and University won't do much to add to my work experience (although a co-op program certainly wouldn't hurt).

However, I do want to go... and when I do it will probably be in a CS related field. The reason being primarily for the experience of going. To meet new people who are in the same field as me and for the challenge. While I don't believe it will really help me in my career (at least in the short term), it will still be something I can do to better myself.

I had a family to support so I chose work first. I'd still like to go after the education even though I know it's not going to help me make more money or find a job (I don't need it to).
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"The experience" alone isn't worth $30000.
That sounds logical but I completely disagree.

Even if the degree does absolutely nothing for you, career-wise, the experience makes you a much better person. Educated people simply do better in life, statistically. It will make you smarter, give you self-discipline, transform your work ethic and make you a shit load of connections that will help you life.

If anything (and knowing a ton of people with university degrees who work in jobs that having nothing to do with the degree they earned), I feel that the experience is actually way more valuable than the degree.