Ok i'm not very confident with bending strings. so can somebody explain to me how to do it?
|-----------6b7r6-------| Does this mean i bend the string on the 6th fret then keep holding the bend and pick the string on the 7th and then realese and pick the string on the 6th fret? Or does it mean i bend the string on the 6th fret so it sounds like the 7th?
6th fret, pick the string, bend up to the 7th and release so you end on the 6th again. So only pick once.
sry for that extremely stupid question... but... how do I bend? Do I take the string with my finger and pull it up or has it something to do with the tremolo lever?
pull the string. Trem could work, but bending is easier to do, considering u only need one finger instead of a whole hand.
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Bend the string on the 6th fret until it gives the same pitch as if you were playing the 7th fret, and then release the string back to it's normal postion (Your hand stays on the 6th fret the whole time.)
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Also if you have trouble bending with only one finger then use two or three. Its alot easier if you have kind of weak fingers and when you start bending frets higher on the fretboard, it wont feel like the string is cutting into your finger.
remember to push the 1st 3 strings and pull the 4-6 strings, at least normally