thats pretty cool
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I see the classical influence in the first 3 songs. Renegade is an original, right?
Well done. How many years have you been playing? Are you self-taught?

If you want to see about 6 bars of classical hidden in a rock song then check out my "Corporate World" song. I guarantee that you won't find them. They made a perfect chordal riff. Here's the link to it here:


Your songs are a classical rock fusion and I love it!

yea they are all originals, and i have been taking classical guitar lessons for 5 years now so i guess the influence does show and in the same time span i've been teaching myself electric, which imo is much easier to play (though i do prefer my classical). oh, and your 'corporate world' is shexy not many people would notice the classic influence at the beginning, but its great how you can put together blues/classical/rock. god i wish i had a 12 string!!

Edit: btw i forgot to mention that most of my solos are improvised, so yea they could be better but im too lazy
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