I found an amp that looks like it's the one I will like. I am considering getting the Roland Cube 30X... I think that it will last quite a while and from reading reviews of it seems to be reliable. Opinions please
the only thing I was wondering, since the Roland amp comes with a distortion setting does that mean I don't need the Boss Ds-1 that my girl just gave me today for my b-day ?
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Most people seem to love it around here. I havent tried it myself, but the VOX AD15VT is around the same price tag and comes with some nice effects as well.

So does the 30X. Hence the X, unlike the regular Cube30.

It's a good amp.

EDIT: Well, the pedal's distortion is most likely better than the amp's. Just try it yourself.
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You won't need it, per se, but it'll still be a very nice thing to have. You can switch from clean to distortion without walking over to your amp, which is useful, and the DS-1 will give you a tone that the amp won't. Also, you can run it through your distortion channel for a really saturated tone.