can you all explain to a person with low musical literacy how to figure out the key of a riff
Use the circle of fiths. if u dont know what that is there is a lesson on it in UG.
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i've got an easier way to explain it, with no technical jargon at all, here's how to find it by ear....

play your chord progression, now one of those chords will make it sound as though the song has "rested" or come to an end, lets say your progression is

Em, G, Bm, D

chances are your song will sound at rest on Em, so it is safe to say your song is in E minor, you may be thinking "great, its just the first chord of a song! but here's where it changes....

lets say you have the chord progression

F#, G, D, Bminor.

In this case you have B minor as your root and it is the last chord, if you were to play this in 4/4 you will hear how it comes to a rest on B minor.

and also remember, ending a song on a non root chord/note can lend an uneasy feeling to the listener, you may want to keep this idea in mind when writing, i use it from time to time when i want someone to feel unnerved at the end of the song.