I run monkfunk.com an online music community that gives indie bands and solo artists 100mb of free space to upload mp3's songs, sell merch, post gigs, and more.... also as a monkfunk artist you get listed in the community, added to all listings, included in the charts and your songs rotated on the front of the site.

I also do a live radio show every friday for 2 hours on the internet with music from monkfunk.com - helping indie music heard is what I do so, join monkfunk, get hooked up. Also, now I have banner ads on the top of the site for only $15 a month, that is super duper cheap, I will even design the banner for you, just tell me where you want it to go when clicked on... promote your music, promote your myspace, anything to musicians and music lovers...

if you need anything, let me know.