The last one because the two others have too much detail.

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what is a solo?
remake this thread as a poll easier for you to see the votes then.
i like unmodded wintercold
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hahahahahahaha I laughed so hard I shat a little

what is the logo for? is it just random zigzags?
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Once I got out of a pool and it was like 1cm.

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I think there are few people with a less important opinion on women than you.
wintercold because it looks less like a lame triball tattoo then the others

Phat Toosday and the Astro-Bus

Lets All Get Superpowers


Come Visit Today!!!
Ok no need to reply any more.
I asked some proffesional logo creators and all of them liked the un-modded wintercold best.They just said that i should clear up the text in the middle etc.

please close this thread.