I’ve just bought a Korean made Transbraziliaburst dean ml fl and I really like it. I have replaced the stock zebra pickups with a set of Seymour duncans (59 neck, dimebucker bridge) and tidied up the electronics a bit resoldering the unattached earth wire? unfortunately this is the first guitar I have bought with a Floyd rose system as I have always been more of a rhythm player, I managed to set up the Floyd quite easily with some trial and error after watching some online instructional videos but I have came to the conclusion that the quality of the trem is pretty crappy especially the fine tuners, question is what would anyone recommend as a replacement, ideally without having to mess around with moving screws ect. Basically a straight swap. I really want to make this guitar sound and look as good as possible and any constructive tips would be more than appreciated.
ebay is a good place for little parts and peices.
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whammi usa .com should have what you need. Try to find a schaller or Original Floyd if you can.
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Ibanez locking trems r nice too, check out whammiusa.com, they should have it
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