After some playing around with my sound recording set up I managed to get something a little more positive out of it. (The other mp'3s will show some poorer results :P).

It's an acoustic song, with lead parts added in as well, written about being jet lagged and running about the country n stuff. Im hoping to do an EP's worth all being well, hope you enjoy it. And Yes its still dripping in lo-fi.

Listen to it here, along with lyrics

Recording set up =

M-audio Delta 44
Behringer Tube Ultragain mic 100
Sure PG58

thats realy good i like the lyrics and the guitar was really good and i actually like the vocals keep it up

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Many thanks, left some Crit too. Btw people my computer is in a complete spaz atm so i can't run media player. So make sure your files can be opened in real player or have a inbuilt flash player on the link. Danke!

(mp3, ogg, wav etc. are obviously fine just .wma isn't)