Ok, i just bought myself a standard Crybaby GCB-95 and i was wondering what some killer tunes to learn would be that involve the wah, Ive already learnt voodoo child and i muck around with purple haze a little.

I like Reggae and Classic Rock mainly but yes, any sugestions would be appreciated

Also i was wondering about how to set up my gear if ive got a Boss BD2 and a les paul copy, put through a Laney Hardcore MXD15...should i put the wah before the driver or after?
Metallica, alot of Wah.. I like that wah, simple yet great! especially on a tube!
ide put the wah as 1 in your line up. boss BD2 ... if its on effect, i think you should have it in your effects loop. theres no right way to do it but this is the generalization..

Guitar ... Wah ... Dist./Od .... Amp ... FX loop ... Effects

if you dont have an effects loop, you throw your effects in after the Dist./Od
but then again, you can experiment and see what type of sounds you get going your way.
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A lot of Rage against the machine. Most of their songs use it

I think that be a whammy pedal not a wah wah lol! Listen to Slash man , Sweet Child O Mine and listen to Hendrix Voodoo Chile!!