I've been playing for a while now and can play and solo pretty well but I always here people talk about (pinch harmonics)? What is this and how do I do it? Please Help?
Listen to glam metal, especially skid row. There is a wail from the guitar. That is a pinch harmonic. What you do is hit a note just like normal. However, this time, you use, ur thumb or finger and hit the note again GENTLY emphasis on gently. Once you get a higher pitch, ur getting sumwhere. This will take time to perfect, but once you get it, its a nice little device to start and/or end a solo. Not to mention, it sounds frickin awesome.

Also, try it on the g-string, no sexual innuendo, with the pickups turned to the bridge pickup. That is the best way to start off. However, sum pups are more inclined to pinch harmonics than others, so you might be doing it right, but the humbucker doesnt register it as a note.
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Listen to pretty much any metal or hardcore band and you'll be able to hear it. Having said that, they're damn fun to do, but are so over-used, you gotta be really careful when using them, or they just don't mean anything.
c wat i dun get is how come some pickups are better for it? or is humbuckers better? TELLL MEE WHYYYYY!!!!
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in my opinion, humbuckers are better. idk why exactly but i can never get the same scream outta a single coil that i can outta a humbucker.

and tybo 13g i usually have the best result pulling pinches in these places:

1 b string, 7th fret
2 g string, 9th fret
3 g string, 5th fret
4 b string, 3rd fret
5 g string, 2nd fret

good luck
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On YouTube there is a tutorial video of a guy doing pinch harmonics in 3 different styles. (No idea what his ID name is but he's wearing a black punk t-shirt and maybe a beanie hat)

The above mentioned.
Playing the 3rd fret and hitting the bar between the 5th/6th fret with the pinky and
Playing any string and hitting the final bar before the pickups with the index finger.

I've tried the last two but somehow I just can't get it. So I settle for the high tone/high gain and hit it with the pick & my thumb.

In addition to 4# 5b (Tritone)'s 5 places, I find the 9th fret on the high e string wails like a beaut !
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You can hit a pinch anywhere, the trick us finding the right spot to pick - effectively what you're trying to do is force a natural harmonic with one hand. Since you're fretting the note the harmonics won't come from the same positions on the string so you have to feel around for them, however somewhere over the bridge pickup usually works well.
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Dude, listen to the last 3 albums by Killswitch Engage. All they do is Harmonics. They're sick people, with sick talent....any one else agree?
i think this guy is trying to figure out how to actually play pinch harmonics

ok so
i used to only practice by myself and stuff
and i would read descriptions how to do them but i didnt really understand it

then like i started playing with my band
and my friend showed me how to do them
and i got em in like a day

so i realized that somebody has to actually show you
you cant really understand it unless you see it

at least for me....
There are certain locations on the string to do it...you have to move around to find them. When you pick a note, you let a little of your thumb touch and pull away quickly.
It IS harder to do on single coils than humbuckers. And to take that a step further, the easiest humbuckers to do it with are ceramic magnet pickups. These are hotter pickups and more sensitive. An example of a good ceramic pickup is the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker. That's one of the highest output pickups on the planet.
Once you master it, you'll do it all the time......they're addicting.
jazz 3 picks make them easier to do
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well guys its been a while since I posted this thread
but I wanted to say thanks for the advice

and now ,a year later, I am quite proficient with pinch harmonics
thank you
i can hit pinch harmonics on all my strings except the low E string. is this just because i'm not doing it right on that string and need more practice? or is it something else?