Recently i've been tryin 2 play "Hold On" By Good Charlotte and i've come across many different tunings and stuff but it always seems like its off. I think it has something 2 do w/ the tuning. I've tried a half step down and it still didn't sound right.
Nebody know the tuning Good Charlotte used for that song?

I looked a the tab, and played a long with song, and it was almost perfect.

Maybe you're not playing it right?
really? thats weird cuz i tuned it and played along 2..i'll hav 2 take another look

wat tuning and tab did u use?
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actually.....i tuned it like 1/3 flat i guess u could say. It was Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb but even flatter so that it was between Eb and D i think. And it sounded perfectly w/ the CD so idk, mayb they just tuned it that way??
I'm having a similar problem, it is half step down, but not at A=440 hz. I'm not sure what the reference not acctually is though.