I was wondering how the Telecaster Deluxe plays and how it sounds compared to a regular telecaster. Do the humbuckers make it sound a lot different?
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I've played them a couple of times and they are pretty awesome. They do still retain a slight tele twang but they basically just give the tele that extra punch and power. They do sound quite a bit different from your usual telecaster but they are a lighter and brighter alternative to your run of the mill humbucker equipped guitar. You have to check them out for yourself really. Graham coxon and snow patrol i know have used them, so they are pretty versatile, i'm actually saving up to get one myself.
i played one today at GC. ive wanted a jackson but i saw the 72 deluxe and i said WOW and i played it and it was frickin amazing.. also jimmy paige used a tele on led zeppelins albums
the '72 one?

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